Hurricane Dorina



I would like to inform those interested in the RPM meet [ Prototype Rails ] held in Cocoa Beach Jan 9-11, that the Cocoa Beach Oceanview Hilton Hotel suffered NO damage from Hurricane Dorina’s recent visit.


We are, of course, in the 2019 hurricane season which won’t end until November.


From NOAA:


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): NOAA predicts a “near-normal” 2019 Atlantic hurricane season with up to 15 named storms with winds of at least 39 mph. But, of these, NOAA predicts, four to eight could turn into hurricanes of 74 mph or greater and two to four of these storms could strengthen into major Category 3, 4, or 5 storms. So "normal," doesn't exactly mean quiet.


We will continue to monitor the storm season and its effect on Prototype Rails. BTW, in the 20 yrs of operating the meet, we have had only one disruption caused by a hurricane and the show still went on.


Mike Brock

Prototype Rails and STMFC Bossman





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