Re: Crappy Job

Doug Polinder

Alex, thanks for this amazing anecdote.  I rode a Michigan Northern excursion in 1983 from Rockford to Cedar Springs.  Also rode the C&O car ferry to Kewaunee (or maybe Manitowoc? don't remember) in 1984.  What do you suppose the destination of the scrap leather was in Milwaukee?  Did the load also come via the C&O car ferry and interchange at Reed City?  Another potential routing was the Grand Trunk car ferry and then interchange at Grand Rapids to the MIGN.

The Michigan rail network has been pretty well decimated since that time.  The tracks from Grand Rapids through Rockford to Cadillac (ex GR&I, ex-PRR, ex-PC, ex-CR [?], ex-MIGN) have been gone since the mid-1980s, as have the line to Ludington, the car-ferry service, and much other C&O (ex-PM) trackage, as well as most of the Ann Arbor, etc., etc.

Doug Polinder
Poquoson VA

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