Re: Express reefers?

Benjamin Hom

Bob Werre asked:
"I have a question regarding express reefers that I hope is allowed on this list.  I have too many of them for the size of my layout.  Is there evidence of express trains running several at one time?  I need to justify running a short string of them as part of a harvest rush."

The answer is yes (examination of photos PRR mail and express trains often turn up multiple Class R50B and toher express reefers), but your question casts an extremely wide net.  We need more information about your layout concept.  Main or branch?  "Too many" express reefers for originating traffic, or do you run bridge traffic, including dedicated mail and express?  What part of the year?  Remember that express reefers were used for time-critical shipments, so items such as medicine, the first harvest of higher value produce such as berries, flowers, etc..

Ben Hom

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