Re: Helped needed with reefer identification

Randy Hammill

They were almost certainly FGEX consortium cars, whose truss rod cars ran into the 50s. In 1948 they comprised almost 12% of FGEX, more than 41% of WFEX, and over 10% of BREX, or more than 21% of their combine fleet. By ‘53 it was less than 3%.


Sunshine and Resin Car Works have released some models, and I posted how I plan to model them here:


And here:


There is an excellent article by Bill Welch in Prototype Railroad Modeling Journal Vol 2 by available from Speedwitch Media:

They wouldn’t have had the heralds, but without seeing the photo I can’t help there. I would guess there were two different types of cars being remembered, the FGEX consortium truss rod cars and PFE cars with the heralds. 




Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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