Re: Lime Unloading IC/LTRR Gondola

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Most easily by going to a limestone quarry and choosing the proper size from those that are offered.
I did that with an empty 2 lb. peanut butter jar and got a second one of smaller size for ballast. The
coarser one is to load the low side MEC gons, the prototype for the Ertl car that no one likes just
because its Ertl, that were loaded at the Swanton Lime Co. on the St.J. & L.C. for delivery to the
MEC in St. Johnsbury enroute to the Maine paper companies. Since I first mentioned this some two
years ago I'e not seen more than one Ertl MEC gon on eBay. So some of us know a good thing when
we see it even if most want to grouse about Ertl cars. All Ertl cars are so easy to improve details on
and with scale thickness, operating doors their USRA cars are the best buy for HO scale USRA double
sheathed cars we have ever had!

My two bits worth, Don Valentine


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