Re: MDC 3-bay hopper mystery

Todd Sullivan

Hi Scott -

Not sure what those numbers are for.  Could be that Clarence Menteer had them put there to indicate mold numbers.  Clarence owned MDC when the hopper models were created.  Clarence used to direct his mold-maker(s) to "make a boxcar that looks like this", holding up prototype photos of boxcars built by ACF and P-S, so the resulting models had ACF ends and P-S sides, or some similar combination.  He was a businessman, not a modeler.

More about those MDC hoppers.  Back 30 or so years ago when I was building a fleet of B&O and C&O hoppers for a 1960s B&O layout that never got built, I did a bunch of work to improve a group of MDC ribbed triples.  About 70% of the way through he project, I realized that the handbrakes were on the wrong end of the C&O cars (whence came the B&O cars), based on the direction of the outlet bays.  That problem I couldn't fix without a lot more work on the painted and decaled cars I had finished, so I quietly put them away with a sigh. You might want to check your prototype photos to see if that hold true for the car(s) you are finishing.

Todd Sullivan.

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