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Bob Webber

We have often been asked about the "stuff" we have. We've had various resources, but this is the first time we've actually had a high-level index) - and an inventory will be forthcoming due to our upcoming move.

If you go here:
you will see the 2nd pass at the basic collection "index".

While we don't have a drawing index (that is an index for every single drawing), we will have a tube/drawer index, which will make finding things much easier. There are over 60,000 drawings scanned, and those *are* indexed, of course.

As an example, a Standard Steel Freight car drawing numbered (for illustrative purposes only) 51234 may be in any of 10-20 tubes and 4 drawers. And...some of those tubes are filed with the Passenger Car tubes because they stuffed two rolls of drawings (one freight, one passenger) into one tube. Nor can we simply put everything in numerical order - aside from the man-weeks of labor involved, the Standard Steel drawings are simply numbered sequentially, so a 9"x12" drawing of a hand grab may well be the next number up from a General Arrangement drawing that's 5' x 3'. And there are well over 2500 tubes and a few dozen drawers (of Standard Steel alone).

I *do* plan on re-sorting the Budd drawings once we enter the new facility (TBD) - the storage materials and numbering systems demand that (they are indexed by the pallet and location on that pallet as they were shipped by Bombardier).

We do anticipate finding "new and amazing" things as we prepare to move and as the move takes place. We've already stumbled upon a few tubes of here-to-fore-assumed-lost early freight D sized drawings.

The end result *should*, in time and theory, result in quicker fulfillment. HOWEVER!!!

Over the next year or more, we will, of necessity, have to slow our order fulfillment considerably, as we prepare,conserve, pack, move, unpack, conserve, and such - getting into the new building (3 of 4 walls up, roof on, cement floor in to date).

We will eventually, of necessity, be working weekends...volunteers are always welcome (caveats, limits, exclusions, hotdogs, soft drinks, popcorn, movies - apply).

Bob Webber

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