Re: C&O Lake Michigan Ferries, was Crappy Job

Jack Mullen

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 07:00 AM, Daniel A. Mitchell wrote:
Just a slight correction/addition to an earlier post … the SS Badger Skinner Uniflo engines ARE “reciprocating” compound steam engines. So, in-service coal-fired reciprocating steam-engine powered vessels are not yet “gone from the Great Lakes”. Seriously endangered though!
As a further addition / clarification, the Unaflow engines in Spartan and Badger had just two stages of expansion, so Dennis's statement that the Chief was the last boat  with triple-expansion engines isn't contradicted. The Skinner Compound Unaflows were steeple compounds, i.e. vertical tandem compounds, a very different engine design from the classic marine VTE.
And a spelling note... Skinner used "Unaflow" as a trade name for their engines; "uniflow" is the generic term. 
Jack Mullen

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