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Still don’t believe (or remember) what you have been repeatedly told here over the past, what 20 years or so?

It’s really simple… estimates are as follows (and these estimates are based on hard numbers):

Home Road house cars - 25%
Home Road gondolas - 50%
Home Road hoppers - 75%

Foreign road house cars - distributed essentially in the national fleet percentages
Foreign road flat cars - national fleet percentages
Reefers - if originating traffic, nearly (but not completely) 100% “home” road (ie, the associated company, SFRD for ATSF, PFE for SP and UP, etc)
if receiving traffic, closer to national fleet numbers
if modeling WWII, national fleet numbers for everything
Tank cars - very era dependent, but typically regional, unless modeling WWII tank car trains
Foreign road gondolas - regional railroads
Foreign road hoppers - nearest neighbors, but often very specific for location, connection, and cargo. e.g C&O and N&W cars interchanged onto the PRR on Lines West for delivery to the great lakes, but almost never seen on Lines East PRR (except during WWII).

Exceptions - lines with specific traffic (most often branch lines), where the cars needed might be in pool service such as automobile manufacturing.

Note bene: These are FLEET percentage, so before Mike Brock has to post yet another disclaimer about trains full of  SP cars on the UP, these numbers DO NOT apply to every train, but rather to the aggregate total of cars. So, for example, trains on my (proposed) layout on the PRR stopping to interchange cars in Columbia PA with the READING will have a higher than national average percentage of READING cars to reflect that local traffic, but the rest of the trains will have almost none, since READING traffic of that nature was unlikely to be seen going past an interchange and my overall READING percentage will be just about the national fleet number!



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I would like to open the topic of ratios and how they might be used to develop a realistic roster for the specific era,road and locations Armand Premo

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