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anthony wagner

Armand, I'm with you but this is not for casual modelers since it requires a significant amount of research. I have developed a modeling roster for the PRR in the Williamsport PA area circa 1949 using my 1-1-50 ORER and other sources specific to the Pennsy. It is not set in stone since relevant info pops up now and then and requires adjustment to what had been previously thought. Invaluable for context is an article published in Mainline Modeler Jan 1995 by John Nehrich using stats from April 1950 as published in Railway Age entitled Freight Operating Statistics of Large Steam Railways compiled by the Bureau of Transport Economics & Statistics of the ICC. In January 1950 according to my ORER PRR had 208699 freight cars in revenue service and according to the ICC table of the 218699 freight cars on Pennsy in April 107924 were home road cars and 110775 were foreign or roughly 50% of the total. Also extremely valuable is a Sept 1948 copy of the Williamsport ETT (Employee, not public, Timetable) which has arranged freight train symbols and approximate times of arrival and departure for the Williamsport Division. Those symbol trains were run as extras, not as regularly scheduled trains. A further consideration is the proximity of direct connections with foreign roads and the amount of interchange as well as local industry. In Williamsport the Pennsy interchanged with the Reading, the New York Central, and with the Erie which had trackage rights on NYC and used that road's Newberry yard. There were 2 daily symbol trains , EC-1 and EC-3 that had NYC blocks out of Enola and cutoff times for interchange. Another daily symbol train EN-3 ran from Enola to Williamsport and terminated so it probably had cars for local industries. This is all by way of showing how something seemingly simple can quickly mushroom into an immensely complicated project. There is a ton of information out there but the trick is finding it and then putting it in a usable form. Tony Wagner

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I would like to open the topic of ratios and how they might be used to develop a realistic roster for the specific era,road and locations Armand Premo

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