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Dave Nelson

The work that I did with Tim Gilbert 20 odd years ago was very specific to WWII to around 1956, mainline trunk routes, initially for boxcars and then flatcars too.  We had far too little data for before WWII or after the mid 50’s to even murmur speculative numbers.


That said, it was always my working assumption that WWII really scattered the boxcar fleet. It seems reasonable that the economic collapse of the great depression may have had the opposite effect.  Before that… who knows? 



For your specific question I think the answer may be found in the ICC Blue books of whatever era you are interested in.  If Tim were still with us he’d know for sure… and probably provide you with the answer.


Dave Nelson


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Ratios varied from decade to decade, I have felt that the wood to steel ratio was important,at least to me.I had too many steel cars because that was all that was that time.Armand Premo

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