Re: Qs Generated by a Shorpy Photo ...

Rufus Cone

Two points

The roof on the mentioned car does not have the expected NP features (roof not curved and cast fittings clamping the panel joints are absent at the edges).  From the LOC tif version of the image, I do not "see" the NP initials myself, even after adjustment.  Perhaps the N is the second letter in the reporting mark - suggesting perhaps GN, given the location of the photograph.

To find the Library of Congress version of a Shorpy photo such as this, copy the numerical portion of the Shorpy link 8c15269a into your search engine.  With Google it is the first item to come up.

...- on the first -full- car you
can just make out the "N. P." ...

Rufus Cone
Bozeman, MT

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