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Tony Thompson

Jason Kliewer wrote:

I've transcribed 10,000 car movements from 1960's train list for the Chicago Great Western and the home road cars only made up 10% of the total.

Along with that, in the top 10 were Canadian Pacific and Canadian National.

     One factor to consider in evaluating any road is what their proportion was, of originating vs. terminating traffic. One example is the BAR, which originated far more traffic than it received, fully 85 percent of all traffic was originated. This meant that they had to own a big car fleet to serve their shippers.
     A bridge route like the UP was almost the opposite.
     I discussed a Car Service article from the BAR as a part of one of my blog posts a couple of weeks ago, and provided a link to the BAR employee magazine about this. If you're interested, here is a link.

Tony Thompson

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