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Robert kirkham

Hi Jim – Tichy makes running board supports.  Part 3081.


Rob Kirkham


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  So a -major- part of my question is/was "is there a way to get the running 
boards of our models to look like these?".  I'm thinking that maybe you
start by eliminating the plastic version, use actual wood that has been
properly dimensioned (probably have to sand to correct thickness?), and
then 'process' it to warp it like these have warped.  Might have to start
with stock pieces that are much longer than scale, get them to 'wiggle'
then cut to length.  Finally - mix them up so you don't get a lot of boards
that were out of the same piece on the same car.
  Doing the running board supports between the car top and the boards
will be a major PITA (meaning lots of work) since, at least as far as I
know, there aren't any good options for those in either wood or plastic.
Perhaps this is a candidate for 3D printing?
                                                                                  - Jim in Burlington

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