Re: Boston & Albany triple hopper.

Benjamin Hom

Don Valentine asked:
"Does anyone have enough familiarity with Boston & Albany triple hoppers to comment on the Marklin B&A hopper listed on eBay as Item #372692339988? Not a bad looking car in which I have some interest but don't know Boston &  Albany rolling stock well enough to judge its authenticity." 

Complete fantasy.  This is one of the Trix UP hoppers in bogus Boston & Albany paint and lettering.

Boston & Albany had a single series of offset triples - B&A 25000-25499, Lot 597-H, 500 cars built in 1929.  They follow the unique NYCS triple offset design, differing from the later AAR offset triples.  They were painted with fairly austere lettering with no oval. 

B&A would later acquire NYC 15-post welded triples (as modeled by Stewart/Bowser in HO) during the 1960s after the period covered by this list. 

Ben Hom

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