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Eric Hansmann

This can be viewed online at the Train Life site.



Eric Hansmann

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If you can, get a copy of the October 1991 Railmodel Journal. The esteemed author, beginning on page 10, described mixes he developed for various prototypes. While some of the paints he used are no longer available, the colors and mixes should point down the right track.

Richard Townsend

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Back in the last century when I was constructing a mid-50s seaport layout, I painted a good number of covered hoppers to serve the cement translating facility at the port. My choice of light grays varied as to what was closest at hand. Sometimes Scalecoat. Sometimes Scalecoat II, Sometimes Folquil. The slight variety of grays when weathered were quite acceptable. 



Bill Keene

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The last email about this subject did not provide a lot of responses which I kind of figured on as it is really obscure.

Let me try this another way:  If you have painted a covered hopper gray from the steam era, please respond with what paint you used and the model it was used on.  Any other information included with the response would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Eric Mumper


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