N. P. Resin WWII Emergency Boxcar Kits Available Again

Bob Chaparro


Information from Chris Atkins...

I just wanted to let everyone know that thanks to Jim Ruffing and Aaron Gjermundson and others on the NPRHA Modeling Committee, the NPHRA Company Store has stock in the outside braced, War Emergency Boxcar resin kits.

The kit was developed by the NPRHA as a one-piece resin "unibody" casting following the initial flat kit patterns originally developed for Sunshine Models by Frank Hodina. These are HO-Scale kits.

This is the third run of these outstanding models and will be the last.


While the kit includes accurate Tahoe trucks, decal sheets that will cover 8 cars are available to order at http://store.nprha.org/ho-decals-for-np-war-emergency-boxcar/

Chris Atkins

NPRHA Company Store Manager

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