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A quick look at the Sunshine flyers page shows that this would be one of the 368 out of 1,535  USRA rebuit 40' box cars in the Bx36 class, so, the first three numbers would be 148000 through 149000's.   To bad the end reporting marks are completely obscured by dirt.

Tom Casey 

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Hi Jesus,
Looks to me like the the AT&SF car’s number is xx514 or maybe xxx514.  The digit immediately before the “514” might be a “3,” but I’m not sure.
Ralph Brown
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Another Nice find from Bob,

if you look closely on the second car, it is a ATSF car with the "BUY WAR BONDS" slogan to the left of the door. I was unable to read the road number on my small screen

Jesus Peña
Concord, CA.
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This photo is from the Norfolk Southern Archive. The Archive is a collection of company photos from Norfolk Southern and its legacy railroads on this website:
N&W Boxcar 47302 (Round Roof)
"Nearly seventy years ago—on Thursday, September 15, 1949—a Norfolk & Western train made a stop at the Streitmann Biscuit Company near Cincinnati, Ohio.
The bakery produced more than 100 different varieties of crackers and cookies, including honey graham crackers, Opera Crème cookies, and Zesta saltine crackers. By 1951, production amounted to 1,321 carloads of outbound traffic annually, which was either delivered by N&W to its destination or originated on the N&W for delivery by other railroads."
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

Jesus Peña

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