Re: Standard Car Co.??

Donald B. Valentine

Bill Welch wrote:

    "IRC the minimum order is $30 so you may need to recruit some people to fill out your order. This is fun and easy build to get to a GTW car. Richard Hendrickson had an article in RMJ on building one of the cars using a homemade half door before the little kit was available. Black Cat has the correct decal set."

    Or he can just write to me OFF LIST and tell me what he needs. The #1000 1/2 Door Add-On kit is $5.95 but if I know what is
needed from it and what is not I can bulk pack some at a savings for folks as is being done for Jim Six. Just don't expect them
by return mail because, though I don't know what caused it, I'm up to my ears trying to pack orders lately and still maintain a day job.

Cordially, Don Valentine
              New England Rail Service, Inc. of which Standard Car Co. is a division of for freight car parts, or is the fright car.

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