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you are entirely correct. I apologize. I even read and heard of the term radial roof in combination with the NP truss rod car...
Side note, since you mentioned it: -I, too have such a ROUND roof steel double door box car and intended to paint it for DT&I - but this would be wrong in regard to "my" time frame up to 1953?
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Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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I believe that you are tripping over some vocabulary.
Round roof - this metal roof section was developed in the 1930s and applied to new steel boxcars that were built in that era to maximize clearance fits. The biggest user was the PRR, as witnessed by their X31, X32 AND X33 series cars. The PRR did apply a few to older cars, such as the X23, to generate the X23B. The DT&I built “clones” of the PRR’s X31B and the Northern Pacific will lease 335 DT&I 40’ dd flush roof cars circa 1961, one year in the future for this list.
Radial roof - this roof section, first built in wood and then metal, describes a gentle arc and was used for many cars, from many roads, beginning in the very early 20th century (or maybe even much earlier… not my area of knowledge). This was a very common roof style on the Northern Pacific and is almost certainly the roof style that you are referring to on this truss rod car (not “round roof”) and definitely NOT referring to the ALL STEEL CAR described in the post to which you were responding.




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Hello Ron,
W&R did a very nice NP prototype 40' DS truss rod box car with round roof.
But no other version of the car you mentioned, or anything close to that.
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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Following up on the previous thread, I have a W&R brass model of this car, the flush roof 40' double door box.  I saw recently that there are a few custom painted versions on eBay, all painted NP.  I think W&R did a lot of Pacific Northwest stuff, the way Overland did UP stuff, so this makes sense.

My question is, did W&R ever do any other round roof versions? 

Ron Merrick

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