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it seems that I should take some more english lessons. Understood it just the other way round - that NP leased the cars to DT&I in 1961...
Many thanks for clarification, and again - I apologize.
Plus, I have lots of trouble at the job these days - this may "contribute".
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Why would it we incorrect? DT&I built these cars in the 1930s and leased them to the NP in 1961. So they should most assuredly be present on the DT&I circa 1953.




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you are entirely correct. I apologize. I even read and heard of the term radial roof in combination with the NP truss rod car...
Side note, since you mentioned it: -I, too have such a ROUND roof steel double door box car and intended to paint it for DT&I - but this would be wrong in regard to "my" time frame up to 1953?
Thanks and greetings
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