Re: Round roof double door boxcar

Bill Welch

With patterns by Steve Funaro Central Hobby Supply offered the X31 and X32 but as with Sunshine when Bowser offered them in styrene their sales plummeted and they were dropped. I have built one of my X32 kits for N&W and still in my stash is one destined as a Virginian. When F&C closed it out I stroked Steve and he made a few side/end/roof/underframe casting for me that will get built either for PRR or N&W.

I buiit both Sunshine SD and DD X31 years ago—patterns also by Funaro—and in the last year or so picked up the raised roof version in Gray resin no less. I was never really sure when DT&I introduced their "Compass" scheme but thought what the heck, I did one of the Sunshine kits in that scheme with Champ decals. Still not sure if it really hits my October 1955 modeling date but have abandoned being completely date accurate but with that scheme I think I am very close. The Dreadnaught end pattern is not the best but it will do okay. I have not problem working with resin and all of the kits went together w/o a hitch.

Then enthused by Bruce Smith's X31 clinic at CCB 2019 I bought some undec. Bowser kits. The body is very well tooled despite cast on ladders and grabs. The doors are very well done too I think.

Bill Welch

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