Re: Santa GFe "Buy War Bonds" lettering, was N&W Boxcar 47302 (Round Roof)


I recall a very good multi page article on the Bx36's In either Rail Model Journal or Model Railroading back when Sunshine released their kit.  Does anyone recall the issue?

Bill Pardie

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Date: 9/19/19 1:29 PM (GMT-10:00)
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Santa GFe "Buy War Bonds" lettering, was N&W Boxcar 47302 (Round Roof)

Microscale decal sheet 87-1512 for C&EI has a Buy more War Bonds slogan. But is different from the Santa Fe slogan. I have added the slogan to a Bx-36 I kitbashed using Railroad Roman lettering.  Athearn had a set of two boxcars in a special edition #2330. Of course those where regular athearn 40' boxcars. Your best bet for a Bx-36 is a sunshine kit or you could try the may articles in the model magazines. If real serious about a kitbash I have photos of Wx-36 cars in MOW service I took in Riverbank in 1972.

Al Smith 
Sonora CA
On Thursday, September 19, 2019, 07:09:47 AM PDT, Donald B. Valentine via Groups.Io <riverman_vt@...> wrote:

Does anyone offer decals for a whole Santa Fe car that includes the "Buy War Bonds" slogan? while
anything but a Pennsy fan I have always appreciated things like that slogan on an appropriate car as
a way to help delineate the period of a model railroad more quickly than some other methods.

Why did the Santa Fe so quickly start removing the slogan? I doubt the Pennsy, or anyone else,
could have copyrighted such a slogan, especially during the war, so why was a decision made to
remove it?

Cordially, Don Valentine

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