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Bruce Smith


YES!  Subclasses matter 😉  The DT&I cars were clones of the PRR X31B.  They looked nothing  like a PRR X31!  Well, ok, maybe they did sort of resemble them, but to those of us who care, there were clear and obvious differences. The X31B (and the DT&I cars) had the latter roof, which had a different profile, with a flat center section and which joined flush with the side walls of the car, as opposed to the slightly peaked roof and inset eaves of the X31/X31A. The end ladders were 20" wide as opposed to the earlier (X31, X31A) 16 1/4" wide ladders. The upper end grab iron was symmetric as opposed to the asymmetric drop grab iron on the X31/X31A as well.

RP Cyc 22 is an excellent reference on the PRR cars and RP Cyc 23 covers the non-PRR cars.

Bruce Smith
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Is there a difference between the PRR X31  and the DT& I car?

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