Re: Santa GFe "Buy War Bonds" lettering, was N&W Boxcar 47302 (Round Roof)

Rick Woods

Here is a link to a good article on the history of WWII War Bonds (aka "Series E" bonds):
War Bond sales ended when the war ended.  The final deposit into the U.S. Treasury of war bond proceeds occurred January 3, 1946.  The Series E bonds were withdrawn in 1980, replaced by today's Series EE bonds.
Fun fact:  More than 85 million Americans — half the population — purchased bonds totaling $185.7 billion.  In today's dollars that amounts to $2.44 TRILLION!  Can you imagine that happening today, even from a population that is 232% greater that of 1946?! 

Rick Woods
New York Central Kankakee Belt (aka "The Streator Connection")
East Troy, WI

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