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Steve and Barb Hile

There was some symbiotic relationship between Pennsylvania Tank Car Company and Standard Tank Car Company, with PTC being the older (1914 versus 1919).  I had some discussions after publishing the UTLX book over the identification of the Ohio Cities Gas Company, International Refinery tank cars shown on page 135.  It seems more likely that those cars (and the Youngstown Sheet and Tube car being discussed) were built by PTC before STC really got going.  STC continued to use the heavy built up underframe and tank saddle with the lowered running boards while PTC came up with a new underframe design in the 1920's.
GATC eventually purchased both and concentrated activity at the Sharon, PA STC plant.
Steve Hile

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My first impression was that the frame was classic Standard Tank Car, not PTC. To me, the bolsters scream STC. Can you clarify as to why you think it is PTC?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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YS&T 110 is the type of car that Pennsylvania Tank Car was building in
the early-mid Teens. The car behind it appear to be an early (pre-1917)
GATC tank.

David Thompson

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