Re: Steam line placement on express box cars

Tim O'Connor

The BE-50-24 steam line is not visible from the side in any photos that I have seen
so I assume that it must be threaded through the cross bearers alongside the center sill.
It has to cross the center sill at some location but it doesn't appear to drop below the
center sill... somewhat of a mystery.

Tim O'Connor

On 9/22/2019 7:39 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
Ken Roth wrote:

I can wing it, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of drawings for how to run a wrapped steam line under express box cars, specifically an SP 5000-5049 series BX-50-24.  I'd settle for drawings for a similar AAR ACR box car from another road.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Can't help with the steam line location, Ken, but the SP BX-50-24 cars were 5700-5749.

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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