Re: Harvesting Ice from a Lake

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

If someone is seriously interested in ice harvesting it is still done on one day in February each winter on the pond
at the center of Brookfield, Vermont, the same pond with the floating bridge, using the same equipment that was
used in years past. Many small country towns in Northern New England had an ice house on such ponds, especially
if there were a creamery in town that shipped milk by rail. The foundations of an ice house can even be found on 
Towner's Pond in Melrose, Mass. barely outside of Boston. We had one in Morrisville, VT between the Randolph Rd.
and Ward's Pond that lasted into the 1970's though it had not been used for years. Even the pond is now gone as
it's first purpose was to power Leon Ward's sawmill. After he passed away the dam was breached and a family of
Great Blue Herons that had lived there since I was in grade school lost their habitat. 

The Rutland RR. had a large ice house in ALburgh, VT on the shore of Lake Champlain not far from the site of
the station in Alburgh where ice was cut and stored for years as well as shipped to other railroad owned ice houses
on the line. The conveyor system for moving the ice from the lake to the ice house was quite elaborate, judging from
the blueprints of it that I have.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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