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Ed Hawkins

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Yes, I see my notes show them with rectangular panel roofs

the question is, who made the ends? did MV produce ends like that?

The Seaboard diagram for 23000-23499 denotes the ends as..…4” deep corrugations; 5/16” top & 1/4” bottom sections; Mt. Vernon Drwg. No. 508-D-18895.

Thus, it’s apparent these ends were designed by the builder Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. It’s doubtful that MVC produced dies for manufacturing them. More likely the ends were a specialty manufactured & supplied by Standard Railway Equipment Manufacturing Co. along with the Murphy roofs. 

I’m unaware of any other house cars using ends of this unique 4-4 MVC Carbuilder design, which lack the intermediate minor corrugations that were pressed into the common 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends used on thousands of box & auto cars built from 1945 to 1948 and extending into the 1950s for some railroads. 

There’s always reasoning behind making decisions that would seemingly require spending money for new dies to producing these ends. In this case it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me why one series of 500 cars would use ends of this MVC Carbuilder design when the normal 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends were commonly used in 1948. This was a transitional time when SREM began producing what we typically refer to as the “r+3-4” version Improved Dreadnaught End with the top corrugation being a 3” deep pressed rectangular shape & the lower 7 corrugations & intermediate minor corrugations same as before.

Ed Hawkins

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