Offered: HO IM Northern Pacific R-40-23 steel reefer "Main Street"

Andy Carlson

Look what I happen to have!  For those interested, I have a new, old stock, Intermountain HO reefer kit, factory painted in Northern Pacific arched "Northern Pacific" with "Main street of the Northwest" slogan below the small monad herald. As built, New date stencilled as 9-47. NP# 91160, Intermountain # 40521-07. Though new, undisturbed new condition, this factory decorated HO kit has some light shelf dusting on the box.

My kit is a bit more orange than these IM site pix.

Offered for $25, shipping to the US by 1st class mail included. Contact me off-list with questions at <midcentury@...>

I have two photos from Intermountain's web site. This car offered is a factory decorated kit.

-Andy Carlson

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