1944 AAR Boxcars

Bob Chapman

Sitting in the stash are several undec 1944 AAR (10'6", 4-4 improved dreadnaught end) boxcar kits from C&BT. Hard to imagine they have been there 30 years!

The carbodies are nicely executed -- a good base for prototype model detail addition. I'd like to bring these kits to life, but am running into a surprising lack of coverage of prototype information on this series of AAR prototypes. I'm aware of the following:  

Richard Hendrickson's 1989 series in RMJ -- thumbnail photos, minimal caption info.

RPCyc -- photos of a few prototypes in their Boxcar Painting and Lettering series.

Ted Culotta's Steam Era Boxcars book -- a few photos.

What I'm looking for is RPCyc-type coverage of the 1944 AAR 10'6" 4-4 improved-dreadnaught series:

1. A listing of the prototype roads which owned them

2. Specs for a road's choice of door width, number of side panels, running board, handbrake, etc.

3. Good photos

I'll welcome any help you can point me to -- a comprehensive article on the series would be ideal, but articles on a specific road's prototype can also help. Hopefully I haven't missed a totally obvious resource!


Bob Chapman 


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