Re: Covered Hopper ID

Tim O'Connor

The car in your photo is a Columbian Carbon ACF hopper of the type offered by the three
different sources - representing the cars before they were all rebuilt to increase their
capacity. There are no models of the rebuilt cars.

Carbon black was produced in factories that burned natural gas and collected the carbon soot.
I've attached a photo from the 2007 Naperville meet of a model of a facility that was built in
west Texas.

On 9/29/2019 11:05 AM, David via Groups.Io wrote:
I'm curious about the covered hopper in the scan attached (hopefully).  Image is on the Santa Fe in Medicine Lodge, KS 1952.

It is no doubt a Carbon Black hopper, any ideas on the owner and reporting marks.  I'm guessing Colombian Carbon Co.  From this angle the car looks like it could be modeled from the F&C kit, and I think this style of hopper was offered by Railshop and Overland.

Seems odd that this car would be on this particular branch line.  The only non-agricultural traffic on this line to my knowledge is gypsum mining and wallboard manufacturing.  There would be petroleum production in this area, but no refineries.  No interchanges with foreign roads on this branch.  Any speculation why this car would be out here?

Photo credit goes to William O Gibson, Medicine Lodge, Kansas 1952.  "Santa Fe Engine Picture Taker" p.21.

David Snook
Wichita, KS


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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