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Ed Hawkins

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It is no doubt a Carbon Black hopper, any ideas on the owner and reporting marks.  I'm guessing Colombian Carbon Co.  From this angle the car looks like it could be modeled from the F&C kit, and I think this style of hopper was offered by Railshop and Overland.

Columbian Carbon’s reporting marks were CCX. For the referenced 1952 date of the photo, CCX car numbers ranged from 211-307, 95 cars in service as of 1/52. 

They were built in relatively small groups of 10 to 25 cars by ACF from 7-37 to 10-47. CCX 211-262, 52 cars, were originally built for Columbian Gasoline (SCNX 211-262) built 7-37 to 8-39 & transferred to CCX in the first half of 1940. ACF built 45 additional cars for CCX from 10-40 to 10-47. Two cars from original series 211-220 were apparently lost to attrition, one in 1943 & the other in 1949-1950. All of these cars had 3000 cu. ft. capacity. 

ACF builder photos with CCX reporting marks include 270, built 12-40, lot 2107, which was published on page 305, 1946 Car Builders’ Cyclopedia & page 248 of the 1949-1951 CBC. Other builder photos are 285, built 10-41, lot 2250 and 304, built 10-47, lot 3047. Scans of these photos are available from the Barriger National Railroad Library. 

Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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