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It’s one of these ACF L&N low-side gondolas, built in 1958.  See attached photo.  I can provide series information, etc. later.  Getting ready to head to work now.


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Good friends,

Attached is a photo I took of a Seaboard low-side gondola at Dillwyn, Virginia on the then-CSX Dillwyn Subdivision (now Buckingham Branch RR) around 1986. It appears to be an ex-NC&STL car, which would put it within our era of interest. Likely it was rebuilt with the sides strengthened. Any comments on its origins and original series numbers?

The car is on a short siding that served Seay Milling Co., the local Southern States affiliate. This track was rarely used by Seay, and served (and still does) as a holding track to stash cars; the Dillwyn yard being pretty small. It was likely bound for loading at the Koppers woodlot about 1/2 mile further down the line. Koppers was, and still is, one of the branch's major shippers, but their track only holds 3-4 cars. Raw ties are still loaded there and sent to an off-line creosote plant.

Stashing freight cars on somebody else's siding until needed is likely a pretty common thing on most railroads, but something we rarely do on our layouts. Something worth considering for how you operate your freight cars.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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