Re: 2019 Mid-Atlantic RPM Presentations/Handouts

gary laakso

Thank you for sharing the download site and thanks to all the find presenters willing to share their material with those of us who did not attend.


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock


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Some of the presentations from the 2019 MARPM held on 20-21 September are posted on the MARPM clinic website.


Some comments regarding my "New York Central System Open Hoppers 1919-1967" handout:

- This is a first attempt to provide an overview of the NYCS hopper fleet.  Constructive comments, corrections and additional information are welcome.

- For information on specific lot numbers, including number series and service longevity cross reference the information on Terry Link's website by doing a Ctrl+F search for the desired lot number. 

- I don't have a NYCS Specifications Rosetta Stone, so the description of each group of like cars is my own.



Ben Hom

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