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Steve and Friends,

Thanks for your help with the gondola and the great photo. I completely forgot about the L&N, it not being a "Y'all" railroad that operates in Virginia or that I ever saw. The 4/1958 build date is almost the exact time my Virginia Midland is set in. A car from this class would look great just like the photo, delivering bagged product to Madison Farm Supply (one of the VM's main customers). The big problem is will I ever find time to build a model. We'll see.

Nice color on the sacks too.

Yours Aye,


On 9/30/2019 7:14 AM, Steven D Johnson wrote:



It’s one of these ACF L&N low-side gondolas, built in 1958.  See attached photo.  I can provide series information, etc. later.  Getting ready to head to work now.


Steve Johnson

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