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Greg is right, the PRR X26 rebuilds got the later "no-intermediate-rib" Hutchins roof, during the mid-thirties rebuilds. People assume that when rebuilt, they got all new equipment: roof, doors, truss reinforcements, etc., but that is not the case. They got roofs, and other replacements, where needed. Many X26 carried old wooden doors into the forties. Vary your fleet accordingly: the door variants are quite interesting, esp the spliced door variants. Go to RP Cyc for details.

Elden Gatwood

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Greg Martin wrote:
"A good look at Fenton's photo looks like the rib in the center of the flat panels is missing. This has been something that has been debated many times with Pennsy modelers on the X26. Richard and my brother did extensive research show that it appeared as the cars went into the shops for overhauls in or about 1934 the re-roof that were applied were devoid of the crimp or rib. This may have been the case with other roads."

Greg's comment applies to the model's Hutchins roof, though it comes across as a bit confusing as it implies that you can model PRR Class X26 USRA SS boxcars using the Accurail kit. You can't. The model with the 7/8 Murphy end is a stand-in at best as the ends and structural members are not correct for the USRA SS cars; however, all of the Accurail SS variations can be harvested for their roofs.

Ben Hom

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