Re: Kitbash Fodder

Benjamin Hom

Elliot Courtney wrote:
"I have two 4600 series cars (double sheath with wood door) and one 4300 series car (single sheath with wood door)."

The Accurail 4600 series kits model the USRA double-sheathed boxcar.  The roads with the most numerous USRA DS boxcars in 1950 were Great Northern (1413 cars) and Rock Island (1153 cars).  Decals are available from Westerfield.  I uploaded a summary of USRA boxcars to the Files section in 2006 - it's been moved to the site and can be found by doing a search on "USRA DS". 

The 4300 series kit is a 9 ft IH car with wood door and 7/8 Murphy steel ends.  The fishbelly center sills in the kit can be replaced with straight center sills fabricated from strip styrene to model more prototypes.  Possible prototypes or close stand-ins in service in 1950 are CN and M-K-T.  This model can also serve as a stand-in for shorter cars - CNJ (8 ft 2 in IH); MEC (8 ft 6 in IH); CB&Q/C&S/FW&D, CNW (8 ft 7 in IH), though the difference in height from the prototype is definitely noticeable. 

Ben Hom 

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