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If I'm not mistaken, you could plausibly have a Bohn ventilator car in ice service for that time frame.  There is a chart in the SFRD reefer book that graphically shows the range of in service populations by car class.   I know there has been a picture posted of one of those remaining car bodies still in existence as a farm shed with intact ventilators that has been posted here.   That would support the idea that once transferred from produce service to company ice service the ventilators weren't always removed.

Tom Casey

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On 10/3/2019 6:19 AM, Claus Schlund \(HGM\) wrote:
A little while back we were discussing SRFD reefers with ventilator hoods
    I've always wanted to have a car with those on.  However I've been told noway in 1941.  I really wish we could get a car number for that one, at least a 38 picture would be an interesting argument.  The parts are available from Westerfield.
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