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This photo was taken on the D&LW's 25th Street/South Brooklyn Terminal, one of a number of vest-pocket operations served by car float The tiny yard featured a huge coal transfer operated by Premium Coal Co., which can be seen behind boxcar diesel 3001. There was also a poultry transfer facility, a freight shed, team tracks, and apparently some warehouses. These tiny New York terminals would make great model railroads, and one could come close to duplicating them in their entirety.

For more on the South Brooklyn Terminal, see .

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On 10/3/2019 9:19 AM, Claus Schlund &#92;(HGM&#92;) wrote:
Hi List Members,
A little while back we were discussing SRFD reefers with ventilator hoods - I think these were called Bohn ventilators. There is a 1938 image showing a partial view of a car so equipped at the link below...
A higher resolution copy is available at the link below...
Claus Schlund

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