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Oh, the Cubs hat too. Great photo. But first the Cubs died, then Ted’s wife, and now Ron. Please be kind to Chicagoans at RPM in a few weeks. We’ve reached our threes. 

I had the pleasure of working for Ron for 8 years, and learned so much about the industry and manufacturing. The fountain of knowledge was worth the few times he crashed the server at the shop because he was surfing the internet on the *important* computer running the inventory... the shop was less fun at 2am than during the day!  We also tried forever to learn what his nickname was on the railroad. That secret may have gone to the grave with both Ron and his good friend Dummy. I’m sure they are catching up again. 

Mike Skibbe

On Oct 4, 2019, at 12:40 PM, Michael Gross <ActorMichaelGross@...> wrote:

I have already commented on the sad loss of Des Plaines Hobby's Ron Sebastian, but today recalled a photo my cousin took of me during the Chicagoland RPM weekend a few years ago.  It was taken at Des Plaines Hobby, and illustrates the magic a well-stocked "bricks and mortar" model railroad hobby shop can still invoke for a life-long hobbiest like myself.  Ron was the magician who created that magic.  He and his like are sorely missed.
Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA
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