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Charlie Vlk



Is the caption “I may be an actor on TV and the movies but in real life I am a Model Railroader?”


You are right about the magic;  my post relating that Ron worked at All-Nations Hobby Shop in Chicago triggered several emails from ex-All Nations employees and a number of posts from Des Plaines Hobbies customers.

Somehow a package from Amazon arriving on the doorstep isn’t quite the same as dropping into your Local Hobby Shop (where, like Cheers, everybody knows your name!!) and bringing home a new treasure when all you went there for is to pick up the latest MR or a bottle of paint…..


Charlie Vlk


I have already commented on the sad loss of Des Plaines Hobby's Ron Sebastian, but today recalled a photo my cousin took of me during the Chicagoland RPM weekend a few years ago.  It was taken at Des Plaines Hobby, and illustrates the magic a well-stocked "bricks and mortar" model railroad hobby shop can still invoke for a life-long hobbiest like myself.  Ron was the magician who created that magic.  He and his like are sorely missed.
Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA


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