Benjamin Hom

Bill Pardie asked:
"As with Gene Deimling’s recent post on revisiting older models I find that I am spending a fair amount of time upgrading some of my earlier models.  Early on I built models following the manufacturer’s instructions.  I did not have much access to anything else. One concern that I have with the earlier Westerfield car above is with the size of the buzz saw herald.  Ed Hawkins a while back informed me that most early heralds were 30” in diameter.  The one on the car above is less than that."

Remind us what era you are modeling?  That helps shape the answer.

"I recently found the end photo (below) of a car with exactly the same number.  It appears to be a builders photo.  Does anyone know or have access to the side view of the builders photo?"

That won't be helpful unless you are modeling the early 1920s as the original paint and lettering scheme lacks any herald and is markedly different from 1940s and 1950s lettering.

Ben Hom

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