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Yessir you’re correct, getting old and memory issues I’m afraid.
Thanks Gary

On Oct 5, 2019, at 5:21 PM, gary laakso <vasa0vasa@...> wrote:

The W&R cars are painted brass imports.  Norwest produced the resin kits for these reefers and like you, I have some to build.

Gary Laakso
Northwest of Mike Brock

On Oct 5, 2019, at 1:31 PM, O Fenton Wells <srrfan1401@...> wrote:

Nice looking cars Wiliam.  What yellow and orange did you use?  Anything special.  I still have to build the NP reefer by W&R

On Sat, Oct 5, 2019 at 4:24 PM WILLIAM PARDIE <PARDIEW001@...> wrote:


I found the W&R flier with Bill McKeown’s comments on the color for NP’s wood refers.  Gary Lasko covered all of the points in his recent post.

Above are tow of W&R’s offerings of these cars.  As I have previously noted for a while my freight car roster was heavily weighted with cars from Pacific Northwest railroads.  That was due to the quality of W & R’s offerings.

Bill Pardie

Fenton Wells
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