A.A. Morrison Railway Supply / International Car


I grew up in Buffalo and was aware of their operations in Ebenezer NY. During some recent research on Greenville Steel Car, it became apparent that Morrison used GSC to rebuild various batches of cars that Morrison seemed to acquire via auction, often from the Erie RR. 

During a recent business contact to the Ebenezer Car Shop provided some information, no records of past car rebuild efforts on site, and the remaining family members that had lived at the Ohio International Car caboose factory had either died or moved to Florida. 

Has anyone done a roster or history of Morrison owned/leased rolling stock? Or a production list for International car cabooses?  I have a Partial production list from Eric Neubauer, others may assist in filling in the gaps

I'm also looking for factory International Car General Arrangement Drawings for Cabooses. I have other International stuff to offer in trade. 

Mark Landgraf
Albany NY


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