Re: Red Caboose ACF Box Car with 4-3-1 Ends and Riveted Sides

Benjamin Hom

Steve Kay asked:
"I picked up a nice kit at the Berea Train Show Saturday -- a old, undecorated Red Caboose box car.   The label says it is a 40' ACF Box Car, 4-3-1 ends, 8' door, riveted sides and standard tab side sill.   (Kit # RC-8700).   I figured I look it up in my books and magazines, pick out a scheme and have a nice addition to my roster.   (The kit cost me $7.00.)   doing some research today shows me that Reading and KCS had these and that's about it.   The car has 10-panel sides.   A few other roads had 12 panel sides, or drop sills and a lot had 6- or 7-foot doors, not 8.

Most of the info I found came from RailModel Journal in 1989-90 (the are talking about using C&BT kits to model these!)

Am I missing something, or did RC put our a rare car?:

These two Ed Hawkins spreadsheets should help out your search:

Ben Hom

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