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Ed Hawkins did a better article in the July 1999 RMJ. Besides KCS, cars of this configuration were bought or home-built by the D&M and Erie, with MP and subsidiary MI, IC building their own copies. In some cases, the side sills were slightly modified with longer side sills (IC, MP and MI), but this would be an easy kitbash with styrene strip.
According to Ed's list, the only Reading car similar to your model had 12-panel sides.

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On 10/7/2019 3:47 PM, StephenK wrote:
I picked up a nice kit at the Berea Train Show Saturday -- a old, undecorated Red Caboose box car.   The label says it is a 40' ACF Box Car, 4-3-1 ends, 8' door, riveted sides and standard tab side sill.   (Kit # RC-8700).   I figured I look it up in my books and magazines, pick out a scheme and have a nice addition to my roster.   (The kit cost me $7.00.)   doing some research today shows me that Reading and KCS had these and that's about it.   The car has 10-panel sides.   A few other roads had 12 panel sides, or drop sills and a lot had 6- or 7-foot doors, not 8.

Most of the info I found came from RailModel Journal in 1989-90 (the are talking about using C&BT kits to model these!)

Am i missing something, or did RC put our a rare car?

Steve Kay

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