Re: Red Caboose ACF Box Car with 4-3-1 Ends and Riveted Sides

Tim O'Connor

January 2000, from Ed Hawkins to the original FC list --

  The postwar AAR 40' box cars by RC represent cars that are 10'-6" IH and come
 with R+3/4 Improved Dreadnaught End (late version with "banana taper" rib
 contour) and diagonal panel roof. RC purchased the original Front Range
 tooling from the most recent owner (Accurail) and then retooled some of
 detail parts sprues (ladders, grabs, B-end brake parts, etc.), doors, and
 sides. About the only items being used from the original tooling are the ends
 and roof. However, rather than retooling the underframe and AB brake parts,
 RC is using parts from their 1937 AAR box car. I'm sure this was done to save
 tooling cost, but this underframe is really not correct for these cars
 (particularly cars with 8' wide door opening). The prototype cars were built
 during the 1955-1961 time period. The RC models with welded side panels (8'
 door opening) have 10 panels. The original Front Range welded cars with 8'
 door had 12 panels. Prototype cars exist for both the 10-panel and 12-panel
 welded side panel configurations.  Hope this helps.

I also have this list that Dave Sieber compiled about 4 years ago

 8' door 40 foot 12 panel welded sides

   DL&W 55500-55899
   RDG 109000-109399

 8' door 40 foot 10 panel welded sides

   C&EI 3300-3359
   L&N 46000-46099
   L&N 46800-46899
   MEC 8400-8599
   MP 38875-39014
   RI 5900-5999
   RI 27200-27349
   WAB 90000-90349
   WAB 90350-90549
   WP 3421-3422

Lastly, Red Caboose made (at least) the following with 8 foot doors

   WABASH 90000 series (10p welded)
   MISSOURI PACIFIC 36000 series (10p riveted)
   ILLINOIS CENTRAL 4000 series (10p riveted)
   ERIE 84500 series (10p riveted)

On 10/7/2019 3:56 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:
Steve Kay asked:
"I picked up a nice kit at the Berea Train Show Saturday -- a old, undecorated Red Caboose box car.   The label says it is a 40' ACF Box Car, 4-3-1 ends, 8' door, riveted sides and standard tab side sill.   (Kit # RC-8700).   I figured I look it up in my books and magazines, pick out a scheme and have a nice addition to my roster.   (The kit cost me $7.00.)   doing some research today shows me that Reading and KCS had these and that's about it.   The car has 10-panel sides.   A few other roads had 12 panel sides, or drop sills and a lot had 6- or 7-foot doors, not 8.

Most of the info I found came from RailModel Journal in 1989-90 (the are talking about using C&BT kits to model these!)

Am I missing something, or did RC put our a rare car?:

These two Ed Hawkins spreadsheets should help out your search:

Ben Hom

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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