Re: New Decal Availabile

Ryan Mendell

Thanks Guys.  As Tim’s post about the correct car numbers points out, the number on my car is wrong.  This was caused by a cascade of errors induced by my method of applying decals.  I like to apply the car numbers as they come in the set even if I plan to use a different number.  This makes it much easier to keep things lined up.  After they are down I lightly score the decal and peel up the number to be changed and replace it with the new digit.  In this case the first ‘9’ was going to be changed to an ‘8’.  Well the decals are from Tichy and as others have pointed out they can be somewhat stubborn when trying to get them to settle down.  After many attempts with all sorts of setting solutions I finally had some luck with a q-tip dipped in boiling water.  While the decal settled down, the paint had started to soften with all the heat and different solvents I was subjecting it to, so  I decided to leave it and not risk running a fine paint job by trying to peel up the digit.

Bill top mark for doubling up the up the two sets of decals on your scheme. A fine looking car.

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