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Matt Herson and I published a roster and brief account of the several series of boxcars that A.A. Morrison and subsidiaries rebuilt or refurbished and leased to the NP during the 1960s.  The article appeared in 2009 in the NPRHA Mainstreeter, Volume 28, No. 4.  The piece was entitled “The Lazarus Fleet: Leased Boxcars of the 1960s,” because these were all steam-era boxcars considered worn-out and sidelined by northeastern roads, including Erie, DLW, DT&I, and N&W.  The Morrison firm smelled opportunity in exploiting the excess of NE US road boxcars to address recurring car shortages on western roads for shipping forest products. The cars were altered to varying degrees for lease service, most drastically in the case of single door cars converted to double doors.  

Note that certain of the ORER-listed NP series originated from multiple parent series and even railroads.  

This touches on RealSTMC content because of the build dates of the boxcars (1930s-40s), but A. A. Morrison and Morrison International activity in the 1960s and later might be better discussed on the MFCL or BBFCL io groups.  Regards, 

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT 

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